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Burn Fat with High Intensity Interval Training. Tone Your Muscles while You Increase Your Flexibility. Carve that six-pack with core work. Improve your muscular endurance and develop your aerobic conditioning. Experience 50 minutes of the most exercise fun you've had in a long time.

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Experience a Specialist to Workout with a Purpose

See how much better you will perform and feel great with a Movement and Performance Specialist at Redefined Fitness. Don't just work-out with any old trainer, become your best with a Specialist. You wouldn't get heart surgery from a general practice doctor, why just train with a "trainer?"

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Welcome to Redefined Fitness

What we Do

True Stretch

True Stretch

True Stretch The TRUE Stretch is a revolutionary concept that uses the natural approach to flexibility training.  It helps you look and feel better while reducing their risk of injury.  The TRUE Stretch provides a dedicated, self-contained stretching area for a safe platform for comprehensive stretching to increase flexibility. click here for more information on this great(…)

Pre/Post Rehab

Pre/Post Rehab

Are you in pain? When you play or after you play does your back hurt? Do you have knee, shoulder, elbow, foot or any other pain from play? click to learn more about Pre/Post Rehabilitation at Redefined Fitness

Nike Golf 360

Nike Golf 360

NG360 Functional Performance System GOLF IS A SPORT NG360° FPS is a scientific process of analysis and training to enhance the athleticism and performance of golfers at all skill levels. PERFORM IN ANOTHER DIMENSION Effective and efficient analysis leads to effective and efficient training. In NG360° FPS, the test is the exercise, and the exercise(…)

Movement and Performance Specialists

Movement and Performance Specialists

Redefined Fitness Movement and Performance Specialists have extensive education expertise to deliver leading edge programs so that you can surpass your health and fitness goals. You’re not one of many doing “the” workout of the day. Our specialists custom build workouts to maximize your performance to meet your life goals. Experience the difference. Learn more(…)

Our Team

Silviu Gansca

Silviu Gansca Founder, NG360 Golf Performance Specialist, Gray Institute Certified Movement Specialist

Eric Smoot

Eric Smoot Founder, Gray Institute Certified Movement Specialist

Rich Bihl

Rich Bihl Trainer


Fellow, Gray Institute
Strength and Conditioning Program Development

Careers Become a Performance and Movement Specialist

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What People are Saying about Redefined Fitness

It’s all fun, it’s all new. You never get tired of it. That’s what I like about Redefined Fitness.

We love to come here to workout. Couples that workout together stay together.

Trainers at ReDefined Fitness are great. They know what they’re doing. They care about you. And best of all, they create a place that has a sense of community.

Nothing pushes me harder!

Redefined Fitness changed my life. It taught me about flexibility and rotation. They taught me about how important nutrition is…

Here I am challenged every single time. Everyday is different. I am never bored. And I sweat a lot!

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GIFT – What it takes

GIFT – What it takes

Gray Institute of Functional Transformation (GIFT) GIFT Community = 620+ Professionals 40-Week Mentorship in Applied Functional Science® Online Content = 160+ Hours Onsite Content = 90+ Hours Credentialed as a Fellow of Applied Functional Science® (FAFS) Certified in Functional Manual Reaction® (FMR) Provides Marketing Niche within Industry 2015 Marks 9th Year of Program (“At Capacity”(…)

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Welcome to Redefined Fitness continued

Training is learning. At Redefined Fitness you will learn new and exciting forms of building and maintaining good health.

Our elite team of certified, professional trainers called Movement and Performance Specialists, have been helping:

  • the serious athletes,
  • families of all athletic levels,
  • people that want to avoid injury,
  • recovering athletes, and
  • anyone that wants to move and fell better. 

Redefined Fitness Movement and Performance Specialists have extensive education expertise to deliver leading edge programs so that you can surpass your health and fitness goals.

Since 2002, we use a methodology that infuses sports rehabilitation and functional fitness techniques. These methodologies come with research from the industries finest minds such as the Gray Institute, Nike Golf 360, and Master Degree Programs across the country.

We offer these leading edge programs through one on one or group training environments to suit your personal needs and budgets. We work with a wide range of clients. These clients have fun, enjoy better health, perform better, move better and achieve all of their fitness goals.

See how a Redefined Fitness Movement and Performance Specialist will help you.