EZ Facility Sign-Up

If you’ve never signed up for a Redefined Fitness Class online, here’s what to expect.

First Create an Account on Redefined Fitness EZFacility Program

Step 1: “Don’t have an account? Register Here

step 1 create account

Step 2: Welcome, Please Register Below

Next you’ll fill out the online form. Here’s a screen print to give you an idea of what the page looks like.

step 2 fill out online form

You’ll also create a username and password, then click on the Register button.

step 2a register

Step 3: Upon successful completion of the form, here’s what you’ll see.

step 3 successful account creation

Next Schedule Your Class

Step 4: Click on the Schedule Link

To Sign up for class click schedule

Step 5: Find a Session

Find a Session

Step 6: Find a Session

Click on the Class Name Link

The Available Classess will appear

pick the session you want

Buy the session you prefer.