Stretch to Success

S People often say they don’t have time to stretch, but you can’t afford not to stretch. These are 6 easy stretches you can do in 2 minutes that will improve the quality of your life. If you’re an athlete, a person who sits a lot, have injuries or just want to feel better, these • Read More »

Spring Nutrition Tips by Corey Shackelford

Tell me what you are eating… I will tell you how you’re feeling! We know that food is more than just eating. We all eat every day!! Let’s just begin to approach the issue from a new direction. For many, nutrition is perhaps the most challenging portion of our weight loss and health journey. Research • Read More »

The 2 simple habits to thwart off holiday weight gain.

Habit 1: Eat slowly Eating slowly almost inevitably leads to eating less, feeling more in control of eating, as well as being more mindful and aware. Eating slowly can be done anywhere, anytime, with any food, in any situation. This includes binge eating. This is a simple habit to understand, though rarely an easy one • Read More »

Offseason Rowers Program

Redefined Fitness Offseason Rowers Training Program Every sport has specific demands, and rowing is no different. A great rower must produce massive power, have incredible endurance, mental grit, and a balanced and limber body. But, you cannot give 100% effort to each of these areas at the same time. The most effective offseason programs are • Read More »

Chicago Tribune Highlights Redefined Giving Back Through Play

Check out our coverage in the Chicago Tribune for the annual “Giving Back Through Play” on Saturday, September 17 at Lovelace Park, 2740 Gross Point Rd., in Evanston, IL. The annual event, held from 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm, is billed as an afternoon of fun, fitness, food and friends to support children from shelters • Read More »

Speed Camp Success

Speed Camp 2016 was a tremendous success!! We had 20 kids who came out  for Speed Camp and worked really hard, had fun and improved their speed a ton. The kids did agility work on the ladders to increase their foot speed. They used heavy resistance bands to work on knee drive, lower body power • Read More »

Clients Lose Big During Fitness Challenge

Fitness Challenge a Big Success! “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”   The results are in — more than 75 clients participated and most reached their weight loss and fitness goals! We hope everyone enjoyed the free classes, nutrition tips, fitness videos and personalized support along the way. Our Fitness Challenge was featured in this Chicago • Read More »

Complimentary Total Fitness Evaluation: Why Redefined is Different

Many fitness centers offer “free evaluations” — cursory reviews of your fitness level and goals. The Total Fitness Evaluation at Redefined Fitness is unique and takes the fitness evaluation process to a much higher and deeper level by applying our expertise in: Sports physiology Stretch and physical therapy Strength and conditioning Athletic training Nutrition Something • Read More »

Our Renovation is Complete

  Our newly remodeled space is finished, complete with a new entrance area; upgrades to the locker rooms, bathrooms, and shower areas; and fresh paint, carpeting and more! We appreciate your patience during the process! If you haven’t been by in awhile, please stop in and see the renovated space! Our facility offers: 3 full • Read More »

Sports Performance Training Program Expanded

Redefined Fitness has been training many of the North Shore’s top athletes for years and is now expanding the sports performance training program throughout area high schools and middle schools. Want to stay on top of your game? Contact Eric Smoot or Silviu Gansca for more details. Whether your passion is soccer, rowing, basketball, lacrosse … • Read More »