The Redefined Fitness Challenge is on!

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.” The Redefined Fitness team is challenging you to “Do more to get more of what you want!” During the Fitness Challenge, clients will pick 1 of 3 challenges, set goals with their trainers and monitor progress. During the Fitness Challenge the Redefined Fitness team will offer • Read More »

How to Stretch Like a Runner

Running can be an enjoyable way to stay fit, especially if you have access to Chicago’s lakefront. But running can also be problematic unless you are utilizing proper stretching techniques. In this video, Redefined Fitness co-owner Eric Smoot teams up with movement specialist Richard Bihl to highlight six important pre- and post-run stretches. Check out the • Read More »

New Total Body Conditioning Class

We are now offering a few different options to help clients achieve their fitness goals. Our new Total Body Conditioning class is a fat burning, muscle toning, full body conditioning class. This will be an interval training, high intensity class. All fitness levels are welcome, and please feel free to bring a friend. If you are • Read More »

Core and Cardio Routine for a Six Pack

Summer is coming, so let’s get going on that six pack. Chiseled abs can be a difficult goal to obtain, but Redefined Fitness co-owner Silviu Gansca and movement expert Richard Bihl have made it easier with this video. In it, they outlined a sequence focused on improving your core strength and cardio. This 3-D exercise is • Read More »

Redefined Fitness ‘Giving Back Through Play’

In September, Redefined Fitness hosted its annual “Giving Back Through Play” event. The initiative brought together people and families from a wide range of communities at Lovelace Park in Evanston, IL. The day of sports, exercise and fun was designed to connect area communities and people who otherwise may never have met one another. Through the use of athletics, • Read More »

Summer Hydration: Keeping Your Cool

As the mercury rises, do you typically have trouble keeping your cool during exercise? Don’t sweat it; there are ways to protect yourself through summer hydration and still get a great work out and have fun. Summer Hydration – Be Aware of Heat Exhaustion Symptoms General fatigue dizziness nausea an increase in body temperature weakness and • Read More »

Fitness Challenge Supports Veterans

In 2015, Redefined Fitness teamed up with Kenilworth resident Donna Calk to help host a fundraising event to benefit military veterans. Calk is a fitness expert and West point graduate. The event was a success, honoring the men and women who have served in the United States military. Redefined Fitness co-owner Eric Smoot and trainer Bruce • Read More »

WGN Shines Lights on Redefined Fitness Giving

Eric Smoot knows what it’s like to face adversity. When Smoot, who co-owns Redefined Fitness along with Silviu Gansca, was 12 years old, he was homeless, living with his mother and twin sister in the beauty shop where his mother worked. Smoot went on to attend college, eventually starting Redefined Fitness in Wilmette. But even today, Smoot • Read More »

Redefined Fitness Gives Back During Holiday Season

At Redefined Fitness, the only thing more important than staying fit is giving back to the community. Redefined Fitness actively supports many charities throughout the Chicago area and Indiana. Every cause is important, but an annual holiday giving campaign hits a little closer to home than most. For more than a decade, co-owners Eric Smoot • Read More »