Speed Camp Success

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Speed Camp 2016 was a tremendous success!! We had 20 kids who came out  for Speed Camp and worked really hard, had fun and improved their speed a ton. The kids did agility work on the ladders to increase their foot speed. They used heavy resistance bands to work on knee drive, lower body power and body positioning during sprinting. Then, we played fun reaction games and relay races. In the end, it was a total success for everyone and the weather even cooperated this year.

Redefined Fitness has a new Sport Performance Training Program. Athletes can train individually or in a Semi-Private Group. Our Team can work with you throughout the year to help you increase your Speed and Agility, gain Strength and improve overall. Contact us today to get in with one of our Sport Performance Experts!!

We’ve had so many athletes, who have trained at RDF,  go on to have successful Collegiate Athlete Careers. The right training makes all the difference. We want our athletes to have an advantage and all  the tools the need to earn the success they deserve!!

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