Spring Nutrition Tips by Corey Shackelford

Tell me what you are eating…

I will tell you how you’re feeling!


We know that food is more than just eating. We all eat every day!! Let’s just begin to approach the issue from a new direction.

For many, nutrition is perhaps the most challenging portion of our weight loss and health journey. Research has established that a life style focused on wellness vs. weight loss has more sustainable success.

Sustainability is reliant on having a method, system and routine that you consistently use. It’s perfect human nature to do what we LIKE to do or what we are GOOD at doing. We are more likely to repeat something when we like it!

So let’s start:

  1. List out what you are GOOD at when it comes to nutrition.
  2. What do you LIKE when it comes to nutrition?


I am a control freak! I love organizing, browsing, and buying my own food. I think about what I will use each item for in my meal planning for that week. (no judging allowed J) I also love to cook, in that, I have found it makes me feel good to do the things I mentioned above and I LIKE it, because of that, I am able to REPEAT IT…  Get it?

So I am encouraging and challenging you to find the same in yourselves! Some will find that they are good at cooking and preparing meals and others will find that they excel at ordering and picking out pre made meals. Some of you may be drawn to counting calories or points. Whatever the case is, figure out what you like, what are good at and let that be your compass in your journey to wellness.

There are big costs to procrastination. Health is one. Health is wealth!


Here are some thoughts for those who like to cook and meal plan on their own. I am sharing examples that I use in my personal journey and routine:

Grocery Shopping:

  • Make your list
  • Take your time, try not to go to the grocery store when you are in a hurry or if you are hungry. This allows you time to browse, learn and ask questions. Often times, I use my smart phone to look up products, ingredients, and recipes.
  • Try a new ingredient you might not choose.


  • I love egg whites for breakfast. Boil 12-20 dozen eggs at one time and pre bag in zip locks for easy “grab and go” options
  • Fruit you can do the same thing. Make one fruit salad and pre bag a day or two in advance
  • Raw veggies
  • Brown Rice
  • Juicing. VitaMix or Blend your juice in advance, put in a large container and pour out for your run and go days J


These are just a few ideas for you to ponder and help build upon your own likes, dislikes and routines. There are also many online pre-made sources that you can call upon to be delivered right to your door.


Whatever the case…. it’s time to get started!