Bruce Brio

Bruce has dedicated much of his life to advancements in personal safety and fitness, and is committed to making a difference in the health and fitness of clients of all ages and fitness levels.

Using an extensive evaluation approach, he provides clients with a complete body analysis, examining key factors such as BMI, caloric intake, and protein needs — as well as examining the motivation behind poor lifestyle choices and habits. Bruce supports clients in their individual journeys to implement positive choices that can bring long-term results through education and training in proper nutrition and physical exercise. Bruce is dedicated to seeing his clients succeed and achieve their goals, whether they are getting stronger, building endurance to climb Mt Everest or just feeling better overall.

Bruce has specialized in mastering multiple methods of self-defense, including holding a 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, 1st degree in Kenpo Karate, and 1st degree in Hapkido. He loves to incorporate some of these self-defense techniques into his training with boxing, kicking and making his clients sweat.

Joined Redefined: 2014


American Council on Exercise (ACE) – Certified Personal Trainer