Lauren Zallis

Lauren has a strong athletic background combined with post collegiate training in sports psychology. She was a Division I soccer player at Northern Arizona University and now works with many clients to create a dynamic training environment that will help move them to reach new training levels. She received a master’s degree in sports psychology and applies that training to help assess and motivate athletes to achieve their personal bests.

As a former college athlete who endured six knee surgeries, she understands the importance of training with an eye on injury prevention. Lauren especially appreciates the Redefined training method (developed from the Gray Institute of Applied Functional Science) on training clients in three planes of motion. Lauren helps clients gain strength and mobility and increase their range of motion.

Joined Redefined: 2015


Adler University, Chicago, Master’s Degree, Sports Psychology

Northern Arizona University, Degree in Physical Education and Health

National Academy of Sports Medicine, Certificate in Corrective Exercise