Michael Lucksch

Michael brings a classic approach to his training methods. He promotes using the power of the mind to improve muscle, the importance of proper form, and the pursuit of complete control over ones own physical frame to achieve optimal health and strength. There is a reason many classic exercises have been around for centuries…. because they work!!

Michael says, ” In a world full of hot new trends, be a classic.”

Michael also uses his knowledge and experience in combat sports to compliment his personal training. Michael was in Wrestling in college and also worked with Boxing and Jiu Jitsu trainers at the UFC Gym in Parker, Co. He enjoyed learning new training techniques and improving his wrestling form. He uses this experience to educate his clients in learning classic exercises that will stay with them forever.

Joined Redefined: 2018


Trinity International University, 2017, Studied Philosophy

National Academy of Sports Medicine, 2017, Certification as Personal Trainer