Silviu Gansca

Founder (2002) and co-owner of Redefined Fitness, Silviu is dedicated to helping clients improve their quality of life by improving their quality of movement. He has a solid foundation in movement therapy, with a specialty in golf mechanics, and trains many of the North Shore’s elite.

Silviu’s approach, grounded in Applied Functional Science from the Gary Gray Institute, focuses on restoring proper movement by improving how the muscles interact and function through three planes of motion – working with gravity, mass and momentum, and ground force reactions. Most personal trainers are simply taught to train the body in one plane of motion, while this innovative approach is grounded in the science of physics and everyday life. We don’t live our lives moving in one direction only pushing and pulling, but rather twisting to reach for something we dropped using all three planes of motion. This is a critical difference of the methods and techniques Silviu uses with his clients.

The ultimate goal? Enhance performance, prevent injuries, and rehabilitate. 

As a Nike Golf Performance Specialist, Silviu uses his understanding of the biomechanics of the golf swing to address each client’s individual need for mobility, strength, performance, and overall health. He works with many of Chicago’s elite golfers to help them improve and stay on top of their game.


  • American Council on Exercise (ACE) – Personal Training Certification
  • Gray Institute – Completed GIFT Program; Fellow of Applied Functional Science
  • Gray Institute and Nike Golf – Nike Golf Performance Specialist