Why Redefined

We are better than your typical gym.

Here’s why:


Specialized Training

Performance. Prevention. Restoration.

Designed. For. You.


Intense Workouts

Cardio. Power Stretch. Sports Training.

Three. Dimensional. Functional.



Engaging. Fun. Supportive.

Train. With. Us

As we all search for the right place to build a better body, we get lost in the noise of all those trendy Fitness Gyms. Redefined Fitness helps you sift through all the talk and find balance in your fitness journey.

Redefined Fitness trains the human body to move in the way it was designed to: in 3D. We train in Three Dimensions, in order to ensure the nerves, muscles, and joints perform the way they are supposed to. Functional Training uses Multi-Directional Movement that mimics your every day life — all this in a supportive environment.

We offer a healthy mix of sports medicine, movement therapy, and specialized intense fitness training. Our team of trainers provide a cutting edge approach to fitness. Whether training individually or in a semi-private group, you’ll reach, then exceed your fitness expectations.

Specialized Training

We realize every individual has unique wellness needs and fitness goals, so the personalization begins on the first visit. Before you begin on your fitness path, our trainers evaluate your current physical condition to understand your strengths and limitations. Clients receive an in-depth functional assessment to specify areas of improvement to focus on during the overall path towards increased physical performance.

Intense Workouts

The Redefined Fitness team is an engaging group of trainers who are driven to excel. We share a passion for fitness and a desire to teach, support, and inspire!

We bring a knowledge of sports medicine, stretch therapy, core conditioning, and much more. We’re athletes who help clients get an edge with intense circuit training, speed training, and core conditioning. Ready to take your fitness to the next level? Give us a call today!

Unbeatable Culture

We have a highly specialized approach that goes beyond anything you’ll find in a typical gym. Call us today to find out how our detailed fitness assessments and combination of movement therapy, core conditioning, and intense cardio workouts can help take your game to the next level. In contrast to other gyms, you WILL see change and get RESULTS when you work with Redefined Fitness.

What our Clients are saying:

Stacey D

Redefined Fitness is hands down the very best gym on the North Shore. I have been training at Redefined for 6 years for fitness and through 2 surgeries, including elbow and shoulder. I’ve never needed to go anywhere else because it is a comprehensive, full service facility and they’ve hired the very best team. What makes Redefined truly different, however is their unique approach to training. Functional Training works the entire body in a 3-dimensional plane, not just forwards and backwards; they work the body in he entire 360 degrees. I would absolutely recommend Redefined to anyone. If you want a personalized program with a highly knowledgeable trainer, THIS is it.

Alina G

Redefined is definitely the BEST gym on the North Shore. I have trained here for over 10 years and through 2 pregnancies. The skills and knowledge the trainers have in helping you reach your goals through different times of life is awesome. Having worked with a trainer before, during and post both of my pregnancies, I fully believe it made all the difference in my recovery. I look forward to my workout every week and I love that my trainer changes it every week. We never repeat the same workout so I don’t get bored… it truly is fun and engaging. Above all,  I love that Redefined is so community focused and they are always giving back to the community. They have big hearts and I love Redefined.

John T

I have trained at Redefined for over 10 years and with many different trainers here. Their team is passionate about what they do and they are always creative with their workouts. I enjoy the Group Training and they do a great job of finding you a group if you are looking for one. The environment here is unlike any other gym I’ve been to, it’s so fun, engaging and friendly. I have become friends with many of their other clients and have always enjoyed my workouts. Great job Redefined!

Rory K –

As an athlete, I have trained with Redefined for a few years. Thank you so much for helping me reach my potential physically and mentally! Eric has been the best mentor and has helped me become my best.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals with Redefined Fitness

Looking for that extra edge? Want to improve your current physical health? Call Redefined Fitness at 847. 256.8606 to get started or stop in and see us at 1211 Washington Avenue in Wilmette, IL. We’re ready to help you achieve your fitness goals!